BLEU PROD SL is a structure with a cooperative spirit that provides artistic creation and distribution, inside and outside Spain, in the nexus between artists, theatres, concert venues, festivals and audiences.


BLEU PROD supports and produces musicians and dancers of various aesthetics: dance, flamenco, jazz, improvised music, etc. What they have in common is an underlying desire to renew their genres, the virtuous path towards an expression that is inspired by cultural roots but that becomes free and contemporary by affirming its personality.


In 2022, BLEU PROD is supporting the musical projects of Pablo Martín Caminero, the choreographies of María Moreno and Alfonso Losa, and the production of the Pablo Martín Jones’ Baile Entero project. 


BLEU PROD was founded in 2021 by Loïc Bastos, in collaboration with Javier Álvarez and Guiomar Fernández Troncoso.


Loïc Bastos is a producer of performing arts and music. He has been working with artists and coordinating cultural projects since 2005.

Having obtained a master’s degree in Conception and Delivery of Cultural Projects from Rouen (2005, Normandy, France), Loïc Bastos gained experience as a production assistant at the Festival de Cine Pobre (2005, Havana, Cuba), followed by two years (2006-7) as the administrator of Lunasol, a theatre company based in Marseilles and Arles (France). In parallel, in 2006, he collaborated with the Festival de Músicas del Mundo Les Suds in Arles (France), and in 2009 he joined the management team at this internationally recognised festival as the figure responsible for the development of cultural projects with an artistic, educational, social or territorial emphasis.


In 2015 he moved to Seville (Spain), to work as executive director for the Rocío Molina Company, representing, producing and distributing her productions at prestigious theatres and festivals in over 20 countries and across Spain, including the Festival de Avignon, the Théâtre National de Chaillot (France), L’Esplanade (Singapur), the Barbican Centre (UK), National Theatre of Taiwan and the New York City Center. 

In 2021, he founded his own project and coordinated the Festival de Danza Itálica, among others. He also worked with the sonic artists Cabosanroque, the musicians Pablo Martín Caminero and Pablo Martín Jones, and the dancers María Moreno and Alfonso Losa.

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