Alfonso Losa

Alfonso Losa is the most authentic representative of the Madrid school of flamenco dance around today, and a necessary bridge between his maestros and the new generations coming through. In the full bloom of his artistic maturity, he has managed to devise his own language in which he transmits the most quintessential concepts of traditional dance through the new codes of modern dance, which Alfonso himself helped to shape. He has achieved a harmony between the austerity, verticality and elegance of the Madrid school on one hand, and a vertiginous sense of rhythm and a prodigious mastery of his own body on the other. He is the most classical of contemporary dancers, and the most contemporary of classical dancers. He has won prizes such as the Desplante (Festival de La Unión), the Güito por Soleá prize at the Concurso Nacional de Córdoba 2007 and he has also twice won Best Dancer at the Certamen de Danza Española y Flamenco de Madrid. These awards reflect an impressive trajectory that has been recognised by artists such as Morente, Tomatito, Gerardo Núñez, Enrique de Melchor, Niño Josele, Rubén Dantas and Montse Cortés, all of whom have asked to share a stage with him. A maestro of great maestros (many of whom attend his classes all over the world), Alfonso Losa is constantly searching for the immutable truths within the jondo art. He does not negotiate with passing trends. He creates  new blueprints without breaking moulds. He constructs without deconstructing. He works with authenticity. He dances who he is.

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A dance that is sometimes sweet, sometimes dry and austere, sometimes curved and sometimes cubist, that is to be found in the classical, ferocious and elegant – yet also modern – forms of the dancers who have come before, the forms of the maestros of flamenco dance. An infinite number of concepts that are explored with excitement, with the savage impulse of a leap, of an infinite drumming of feet and the forcefulness of the metatarsus that beats out the rhythm on the tabla… concepts that we embrace with the rounded warmth of traditional circular arm movements, concepts that we can project with the exacting energy of the straight line and the angles of the most avant-garde arm movements. Because FLAMENCO is introspection, feelings, the darkness of closed eyes, glimmers of the past and present light, the enclosure of silence, concentration… it is effort, suffering, happiness, rage, the pleasure of sharing, heart, soul… it is language, it is roots, it is contemporary, it is ESPACIO CREATIVO.

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